When I made the President say “Awww”.

 I completely agree with individuals that say that “I will never forget my college years”.  And I definitely will not. January 15, 2014 will always be remembered as the time I made the President say “Aww”.  President Obama came to North Carolina State University to discuss the economy and announce that the DOE-supported manufacturing innovation institute’s headquarters will be located on North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus.  I had never heard so much cheering and applauding in my life (well besides the times when our sports teams dominate).  After his speech, he walked down the steps towards the audience and began shaking people’s hands.  I was nervous, excited, and hoping that he would shake my hand (regardless of the fact that I was trying to avoid a 7ft giant towering over me and a crazy fan girl trying to crowd surf over me).  He got to my section and was paying attention to everyone else besides me—I was definitely not going to go down without a fight.  So I stuck out my hand as far as I could reach, gave the saddest face I could, and said “Please” to the President. He looked straight at me, grabbed my hand and said “Aww” with the biggest smile I had ever seen. 


But there is a BIGGER MESSAGE behind this personal moment. This would not have been possible if I was not recognized as a student leader on campus. I was given that particular ticket, because of my involvement on campus—-Native American Student Association, University Admissions, CHASS Ambassadors, Multicultural Student Affairs, etc.  

College is more than getting good grades. It is more than just learning in the classroom. College is about growing, gaining experience, and making a difference in the community and the people around you.  It is about putting yourself out there and volunteering A LOT at numerous events. I am not saying you have to run for Student Government…but you can. I am not saying you have to be President over every organization….but you can. However, I will urge that you try to do more than just study and show up for class. Put yourself out there, take lead on an assignment, volunteer more, speak up more, DO MORE. Become a student leader today and all the hard work will be worth it!


Benefits of being a student leader

1) Amazing experiences—-meeting celebrities

2) Great Parking depends 

3) Fabulous Public speaking skills

4) Impressive Social networking skills

5) You become that “wow factor” that professionals are looking for

6) You learn how to carry yourself in a professional manner

7) Gain more confidence in yourself

8) You realize how much you can push yourself

9) You are constantly recommended for various jobs, internships, and programs