Winter Break Round 3

Winter break is probably my most anticipated break/time of the year.  No classes + No homework + No exams + Christmas + Family + Hot Chocolate + Laziness + PJs all day + My Birthday = THE BEST BREAK EVER.  I don’t require a whole lot to have an amazing break.  This year I’ll be working some and relaxing a lot (I hope).  A few things I’m looking forward to are:

I’ll finally be able to finish the last season of Breaking Bad :D

Every Christmas Eve TBS usually plays "24 hours of A Christmas Story" and my family is an active participant.  We are huge fans of the movie, thanks to my mom, and I’m not satisfied unless I see it at least once over break.                  

My 21st birthday!! (Which is on the 27th (Kind of a big deal))  Here’s the cake my mom made last year


Also: Sleep, “Elf”, Visiting my fam in Georgia, Cousins, Gingerbread House-Making, Josh Groban’s Noel album, and non guilty Candy Crush playing.  I’m just too excited for this break!