Reasons to Visit #HuntLibrary

This is one of the study rooms at Hunt Library. It is taken by

James Hunt library has quickly become the pride and joy of both the university and the Engineering’s Centennial Campus. It has also given non-engineering students like me a reason to visit that side of campus and discover new places to study, play games, sleep between classes, and rent movies! There isn’t much that you can’t do at Hunt Library, except maybe walk out with any rented MacBook’s or calculators from the Help Desk. With a robotic arm that delivers books on request and rooms equipped with the latest and greatest technology, it is no surprise that students can sometimes easily spend all day (and night) at Hunt Library without even realizing it.

This was taken by a website called arch2o. It is a picture of the commons area.

This futuristic library pays homage to NC State’s past as a technical and research school and looks into the future with bright goals in mind. Hunt library is looking to expand its technological capacity and give students even more services in the future. There is always something new being installed in different rooms of the library to ensure that students are at their peak performance. Although Hunt Library has become extremely popular with the NC state student crowd, D.H. Hill library on main campus should not be forgotten. Many students living in residence halls still visit D.H. Hill library on a regular basis due to its convenient location. Both libraries offer a diverse amount of services for students, faculty, and staff. If you have time in your tour, be sure to check out both of the libraries and see what makes them so special. If you ever get the chance to go to Hunt Library, be sure to Instagram your adventures inside or mention it on twitter through #HuntLibrary!

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