New Application Deadlines

A really big change that you should be aware of are our new application deadlines.  We will no longer accept freshman applications for the Fall in February. The last deadline to apply for Fall 2014 will be January 15, with a notification date of March 30.  We also have two more deadlines before this date:

  • Deadline 1: October 15
  • Notification Date: December 15
  • Deadline 2: November 1
  • Notification Date: January 30
  • Deadline 3: January 15
  • Notification Date: March 30

For transfer students, we are also now moving to a notification process, meaning that if you apply to transfer to NC State for Spring 2014, the application will be due on October 1 and you will have a decision on December 1.  All of our Transfer deadlines and notifications are as follows:

  • Fall Priority Deadline: January 15
  • Notification Date: March 30
  • Fall Final Deadline: March 15
  • Notification Date: May 15
  • Spring Deadline: October 1
  • Spring Notification Date: December 1

The only change to the application is the process- now you will not need to have your counselor mail in a transcript, you can upload them directly to your application.  You will be able to access the 2014 application on September 1 through your wolfPAW account.

-Wolfpack Reps

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