NC State Undergraduate Admissions

NC State Undergraduate Admissions

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Thanks for attending #NCStateOH14! We hope you had a great time exploring NC State! #applyncstate #NCStateadmissions
Thanks for attending #NCStateOH14! We hope you had a great time exploring NC State! #applyncstate #NCStateadmissions

Thanks for attending #NCStateOH14! We hope you had a great time exploring NC State! #applyncstate #NCStateadmissions

2 Days Until Open House!

Only 2 DAYS left until NC State Open house on Saturday! Come with lots of questions for interns and admissions counselors! 

Start planning your day by checking out this wonderful Open House Program:



Career Fairs

Last week NC State hosted a number of career fairs on campus at the McKimmon Center. Career fairs are a great way to get your foot in the door with a company you like. A great thing about career fairs through NC State is that they are specific to each academic college. So the business program has one, engineering, etc. The typical procedure is to walk up to an organization and basically sell yourself in the best way you can. Companies are looking for not only someone that is intelligent, but also someone who can speak up when needed.  

Make sure that a few days before the fair you have multiple copies of your resume printed out. If you need help the Career Center is a great resource to use. Always dress in business professional. There is a chance you may have to dress in business casual/professional at your first real job so now is a great time to practice. Have a few questions on hand to ask when the conversation begins to die down. Make sure to practice these in front of friends or the mirror to get rid of any unnecessary butterflies. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about the company, what positions they may be looking for, and what a qualified person for the job looks like. 


3 Days Until Open House!

Only 3 days until Open House! I know you’re excited. Take a look at our Open House Program so that you can start planning your day:



First Fall 2015 Freshman Application Deadline

Submit your application TODAY through wolfPAW by 11:59 p.m. to receive a decision on December 15!

Open House 2014

One of my favorite Fall events at Admissions is…….(drum roll please)….Open House! People around the country, even worldwide, come to visit the amazing NC State University and see some of the opportunities it offers.  It is a great way to gain information about the University, the different colleges, the diverse student organizations, and the overall feel of campus. Here are a few recommendations for prospective students and families: arrive early, have comfortable shoes & clothing, prepare questions of your own, have a sense of adventure, wear RED, and smile (because you are at the greatest university ever)!

Common Questions

When is it?

Saturday, October 18,  2014

How to register

  • Log into wolfPAW (create an account if you don’t already have one)

  • Click on “Visit Campus” in the left navigation menu

  • Click “Events”

  • Click on the “Open House” event link

  • Fill out the registration

  • You should then receive a confirmation email

Where to Park

*Hint: If you plan on visiting Engineering or Textiles, then park in C, D, or E first. Then you can move your car to A or B to visit Main Campus.*

What to expect

There is no set schedule that you have to follow at Open House. You can be spontaneous and pick and choose what sessions and events you attend that day—-it is all up to you. I suggest to download the Guidebook and look at the overall schedule for the day to get a sense of what is going on.  You will be able to attend admission sessions, your interested college information session, view residence halls, see some of our Varsity teams play, eat at the University Dining places, go on campus tours, and experience student life first hand! As a bonus, you can go to the State Fair right after!



Remember, the Open House program is now available! How are you planning to maximize your day at NC State? #NCStateOH14
Remember, the Open House program is now available! How are you planning to maximize your day at NC State? #NCStateOH14

Remember, the Open House program is now available! How are you planning to maximize your day at NC State? #NCStateOH14

How NC State Can Get You a Job!

Since my last blog ended up talking about NC State’s Career Development Center (CDC), I thought that would be an excellent topic to continue on about. Today I’ll be explaining that not only does NC State offer you a first class education, but also a plethora of opportunities to find experience or a job before you even graduate. 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the chance to talk about the Career Development Center’s website EPACK, an exclusive website for NC State students and the people who want to employ them. Businesses in and around Raleigh know the quality students that NC State graduates, which is why they try to use EPACK to snatch them up before they even graduate. EPACK also has opportunities for internships so that you can have a chance to grow your professional skills before you even enter the work force, as well as a chance to test your dream job and decide if it is right for you. NC State is so dedicated to your success that they try to make sure you have a job before your education is finished, and EPACK is only one of the ways they do that. 

The CDC is also a resource for mock interviews, resume reviewers, career fair information, and information about possible jobs you could enter with your major. The center offers one-on-one interviews for you to discuss your career interests so they can help you down the right path. The Career Development Center is just one of the many things that makes NC State stand out among the rest, and just one of many reasons you should consider NC State for your higher education.



Only 4 days left before the open house of the 4th best valued public university! Go to to find out more!



Club DH Hill

Before I got here I never would have believed that the library could be one of the best places to go at night. NC State has changed my whole perspective. Whether I have a bunch of work to complete, or just want to have a few good laughs, you can catch me at our DH Hill library. I can always walk in and find at least 5 of my friends. Some nights we are really productive and accomplish a ton of work. However, we always manage to squeeze in small homework breaks. I lose track of time so quickly, sometimes. Honestly when you are at the library at night there is no telling what you will encounter in the Learning Commons. The other night we had a big debate on whether a person would rather read a book or drive a car for 3 hours straight. Of course I said I would rather drive a car, but I would advise someone to go to the book stacks if they needed to get some heavy studying in.

DH Hill Learning Commons

DH Hill is the library located on main campus in the brickyard. DH has a total of 10 floors, including the ground floor. The Learning Commons area is one of the top student destinations because it has a ton of open areas to study, computers, and a gaming section to help you relax your mind. DH Hill also has an ice cream shop and coffee bar built right inside it. So you can get your extra caffeine, and satisfy your late night sweet tooth without even leaving the building.


Only 5 Days Left Until Open House!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about and explore NC State! Get more Open House information at


6 Days Until Open House!


Only 6 more days until NC State’s Open House! We hope to see a lot of you there! Visit for more information!!


He Blinded Me With Science

Transforming gels into human tissue through mathematical modeling. Solving the mysteries of ancient exploding stars. Finding links between 80-million-year-old dinosaur fossils and the chicken you just ate for lunch. NC State’s College of Sciences (COS) does all this and more. The third largest college on campus, and arguably the most broad, COS has six departments, 13 majors, and 30 concentrations to choose from. Through COS, students go on to become geologists, mathematicians, oceanographers, doctors, statisticians, and zoologists. Whatever your interest may be, you are sure to find it in the College of Sciences.

COS student James Lumley is a sophomore in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Integrative Physiology and Neurobiology. During his freshman year, his interest in the brain and the human aspect of biology led him to a program called Research Pack Track. Research Pack Track is a two-semester program that allows undergraduate students to get involved with on-campus research and experience what it is like to work in a lab. The first semester is an “introductory” course, where students learn how to interpret literature papers, work in groups, decipher research, and give presentations. The second semester is the “hands-on” course, where students work in the lab and do their own independent research. Lumley’s research this year deals with Gene Expression in the brains of Bluehead Wrasse fish.

Because COS is a large and diverse college, it might seem hard at first to find your place and what you’re interested in. Lumley said Research Pack Track helped him figure it out. “When I applied to NC State, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that I wanted to major in biology but I wasn’t sure about a specific concentration or career path,” Lumley said. “Since then, I have decided to go into brain disease research. Being a part of both the College of Sciences and Research Pack Track have made it clear what my goals and aspirations in life are.”

James Lumley and the NC State College of Sciences: addressing society’s greatest challenges and evolving technologies to better the future of North Carolina and the world. (And also finding the links between dinosaurs and chickens.)



Jordan Necamp for College of Textiles

I had the privilege of interviewing Jordan Necamp, a dedicated and driven senior in the College of Textiles who is studying the Fashion Textile Management (FTM). Jordan is the perfect candidate for this blog because she represents what it means to get involved in your major and be passionate about what you want to do in life. 

What kind of opportunities have you been able to participate in with the College of Textiles?

The College of Textiles has so many awesome opportunities to get students engaged  in the program! NC State’s career fairs offer so many great chances for students to meet top employers, and the Textile career fair is no exception! The career fair draws in some of the top companies in the business like Ralph Lauren, PVH, Limited Brands, and Michael Kors. Seniors in the Textiles program are also given the chance to attend a networking dinner and gives students yet another opportunity to get to get a jump start on their careers!

I have also been able to volunteer for NC State’s Art 2 Wear! Art 2 Wear is a student produced Runway show on campus, where all of the clothes are made my students in the College of Design! It is a really cool way that FTM students are able to get involved and have fashion runway experience before they graduate! 

What kinds of things can you expect from various FTM classes?

Through my time at NC State, I have worked on projects for top companies like ITG (International Textile Group), Belk, and Cotton Incorporated. I have then had the honor of presenting my projects to representatives from these companies! Some of these projects I have even been awarded prize money for having one of the best projects in the class! 

My favorite class I have had so far is FTM 387: Textile Brand Communications and Promotions. This class teaches all about marketing, advertising, and pr of the fashion industry which really came in handy during my internships!

Speaking of internships, tell me more about the internship opportunities you’ve had!

Last summer 2013, I had my first internship in The Big Apple! New York City is the heart of the fashion industry in America and it was amazing to dive right in through my internship with Alice + Olivia. I learned so many valuable things during this internship which I really feel will help my fashion career after graduation!

After my amazing experience with Alice + Olivia, I knew I had to get another internship in NYC! This past summer I had the privilege of interning with Erin Fetherston! This experience was really hands-on and I learned so much! I highly recommend  internships for any prospective Textiles students! They have helped me to network in my field and feel confident that this career path is a perfect fit for me!

The college of textiles also has an awesome career center that really prepares you for the internship or job search! It’s a lifetime service as well so even if you cannot find placement after graduation they will still work with you!

Find more information about all of the Textiles majors offered at NC State here: