NCSU New Basketball Recruits

Well March Madness is over. Yea I’m just as sad as the rest of you. Nothing left to look forward to in college basketball is the beginning of next season. Many teams will take a break for a few weeks then come back strong during the summer. Sadly T.J Warren will be leaving NC State University to head to the NBA and Lewis left for Butler, but it looks like Coach and the recruiting staff has been working hard and we do have some good looking recruits coming in. Abdul-Malik Abu, a 6 foot 7 4-star combo forward coming out of Boston will hopefully be able to fill in the gap TJ will be leaving on the wing.    He, along with the amazing scoring duo of twins Caleb Martin and Cody Martin will hopefully be able to provide Wolfpack fans with much excitement once the season begins! They signed their junior year of high school so they must be just as excited to come here as us fans should be to have them. If you haven’t already be sure check out some of their highlights. Watching them has made me pretty hype for college ball next year. I got ‘em right here for ya: Twins


Game Of Thrones Prescreening

There are a lot of unique things that I have experienced at NCSU: seeing President Obama TWICE on campus, taking cool pictures in the brickyard to support various types of reform, watching the Talley Student Center get demolished AND built, and most recently being at the Game of Thrones Prescreening!

Game of Thrones has quickly become a phenomenon among the young and old. It’s popularity doesn’t seem to be waning; instead, it seems like as more new seasons and episodes come out, the show’s reputation increases all over the world! On Sunday, March 30th, HBO College choose NC State University to reveal the upcoming season’s first episode — a week before it actually airs on HBO.

I had the fantastic opportunity to not only spectate, but also volunteer at the event. It was like a mini Comic-Con as herds of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities came together to celebrate the prescreening. I knew that Game of Thrones was popular all over the world, but hearing it and seeing it are two completely different things. I met so many foreigners and graduate students along with the sprinkles of undergraduate students that walked through the doors. As a huge GoT nerd myself, I was ecstatic to see how many people were into the GoT world; people dressed up at kings, queens, walls (you’ll see from the pictures) and held up flags of various crests to showcase their love for the show. During trivia, people stood on the seats to answer the questions! And after the screening, people still stuck around to hang out and take pictures with the Iron Throne or their favorite cosplay characters. I honestly couldn’t think of a more perfect way to end my Sunday and the last month of my senior year before I leave NC State.

If you want to see more pictures, look up #GoTPremiereNCSU and #HBOCollege.


Weather at NC State

While talking with prospective students, I expected most questions to be about organizations, classes, dorm life, partying at State, etc.  The more I spoke with students, especially not native to the Raleigh area, the more I learned they wanted to learn about weather at NC State. Really? I am here to answer and CONQUER your answers regarding big class sizes, how to be financially broke and rich at the same time, how to suck up to your professors the right way, etc. But weather? Okay, I got you covered.

Like many states,  North Carolina has their four seasons—-winter (Dec.-Feb), spring (Mar—May), summer (Jun-Aug), and fall (Sept-Nov). However, at NC State University you can experience all seasons in a week—sometimes even a day! On the bright side (or cloudy side), only NC State students can make every day worthwhile regardless of what is  forecasted to them!

For example:


Unfortunately you have to walk around campus in a cold wind storm. Even though you are tripping over every brick in sight, you won’t let that stop you from reaching class…or the Atrium.  It maybe horrible outside, but students flock to the gym to get their fitness on.




Even though it was only 50 degrees the day before, you wake up to a Wolfalert saying school is closed due to the snow and ice! But it’s okay, the whole school decided to have a snowball big deal.



It appears that the Monsoon came sooner than expected. The incessant rain has caused rivers to appear on campus.  But, no worries, hundreds of students decided to trek to the libraries on campus (Hunt and DH Hill) and enter into a video game tournament.


(Songkran by NCSU BLISS)

The rain the day before brought intense and blazing heat to the Wolfpack campus. However, students aren’t just going to complain about it. They are going to utilize it and enjoy it—-water fights at Court of Carolina and free snow cones at the Wolf Plaza.



Regardless of the insane weather you endured throughout the week, by Friday even Mother Nature is willing to give you a break (she feels bad for the 3 exams you had this week).  Warm and sunny weather the rest of the weekend, which means  tanning in the Court of Carolina!

Whatever the weather is like, the students at NC State know how to have a good time whether it’s rain or shine…..snow, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc (just kidding). 


I have the pleasure today of writing the first blog of spring on the nicest day of the year so far!  It’s sunny and 75, there is a slight breeze and the flowers are just beginning to bloom.  Campus is beautiful today.  It is April, the weather is pretty and the campus is pretty, but in springtime the girls are the prettiest!  I LOVE SPRING! Now would be a great time to schedule a campus visit if you haven’t yet, or if you want to see campus again.  Go to your WolfPAW and schedule your tour today!


Spring Festivities

After a long winter, SPRING is finally here and believe me I’m excited. To celebrate, I will be attending the Kay Yow spring game and the spring concert this year. The annual Kay Yow spring game is one of the 54 things to do at NC State, and it’s a wonderful occasion with tailgating of course for the hard-core football fans to see how your team looks for the upcoming season.

And, luckily this year there will be a spring concert on the same day as the spring game. This years concert headlines Matt Kearny and Ben Rector. They will be playing at Stafford commons (Talley Student Center) and its open to the public for free as well.

Go Pack!! 


Financial Indepedence

What’s the best way to make money? That’s the question of the ages. It’s the question that man’s been constantly asking since the invention if money itself. The thing is though, the answer to that question has been constantly changing as mankind has moved through different eras of human history and technology develops. To answer this question in the context of the contemporary Age of Information that we currently live in, I’ll just say this: The best way to make money is through investing.

When I say “investing”, I don’t mean simply stocks and bonds. Investing is all around us. Education is an investment. Real estate is an investment. Valuable items are an investment. Stocks are an investment. Starting your own business is an investment. Time is an investment. Anything that will produce a desirable return sometime in the future can be considered an investment. But what most people don’t understand is this simple concept: you need to be financially aware. What does that mean? It means that you are AWARE and KEEN to the fact that all of these things can be potential investments.


To be financially independent means to have sufficient personal wealth to live, without having to work actively for basic necessities. Financial independence is what we all strive for. It gives us a safety net, a comfortable lifestyle, and it definitely makes us happier. The path to financial independence is quite a difficult one, to be honest, but it isn’t as hard as most will make it out to be. It all starts with one simple thing: being financially aware. Don’t just think that your 9:00-5:00 day job is the only thing that you can receive a decent income from.

So why am I talking about this? Do you still feel like you haven’t learned anything? Well, my goal here is to attempt to break the common paradigm that exists in our society where we think linearly in this fashion: go to school, get into college, get a job. There are plenty of other ways to be successful that don’t fall into this typical American way of thinking. You need to know what you’re passionate about, but you also need to link your passion with how you want to become financially independent.

I’ll use myself as an example. I’m passionate about both engineering and finances. In fact, I won an essay contest last summer in which I had the opportunity to stay in New York City for three days (all expenses paid) to visit and learn about the New York Stock Exchange as well meet some of its executives. That trip reignited my interest and passion for finance/investing and so I decided that I wanted to do something with engineering but also something in finance as well. After exposing myself to various companies and opportunities I found the perfect internship position. I found Fidelity Investments, one of the world’s largest financial firms that offered me a programming position in their Strategic Investment Products business unit. This now let’s me get my feet wet in two areas, finance and computer engineering!

Fidelity Investments in RTP


Everyone’s opportunities and circumstances will be unique to them, but I really want to encourage that you think about the future and think about what it means to INVEST.

Interested in the world of investing or even what it means as a concept? Check this out. It’s all there in plain English.


Getting Outdoors

It’s so easy to get bogged down with school work and neglect physical activity or exercise. If you’ve read our posts you’ve probably read about University Recreation at State, group fitness, and intramural sports. (Which are amazing!) For me, there are times when I feel like I need to escape campus just to refresh and push the stressful thoughts about classes and homework out for a little while. One place I love to go is Umstead Park in Cary. It’s a huge park and the entrance I usually go to is about 5 miles from campus. People typically go there to utilize the hiking trails, which really make me feel like I’m at the mountains—not in the Triangle. There are several other parks surround NC State such as Lake Johnson Park, Lake Crabtree, Pullen Park, and the J.C. Raulston Arboretum. When it’s warm I love renting kayaks or pedal boats which Lake Johnson and Crabtree both have. 

Walking through the trails at Umstead is not only relaxing but a great activity compared to lounging around and watching TV. (Which I also do in moderation :) ) So, to prospective and future students— Raleigh and the surrounding areas have so much to offer and you’ll be very satisfied if you love the outdoors!


My First Flight Out


So I know I’m a little early but going to Florida for spring break and this cold weather in North Carolina has got me thinking ahead to next year. I’ve never been out of the continental US and it’s become a goal of mine to accomplish that before I graduate. Spring break next year would give me the perfect opportunity to do so. Saving is something I’m not honestly the best at, but I have definitely been working on it. In order to make sure I take this trip a couple of my friends and I constructed a box. It’s nothing big just a shoe box with tape all around it and a small slit in the middle. That way we can’t get into the box without taking it completely apart. The plan is for each of us to put about $20 a week and we all will most likely put more once summer work and internships begin. If we can keep this up we estimated to have saved up around $1500. This will definitely be a challenge for me but I’m thinking Puerto Rico! There are so many options though. Any suggestions???



If your wolfPAW account states “Accept” for Fall 2014 you will soon be receiving an acceptance packet in the mail which includes a New Student Checklist. Be on the lookout for this information and make sure you follow all of the steps. If you plan to live on campus, you can also submit a Housing application once you are accepted! Housing on campus is granted on a first-come, first-served basis so the earlier you submit your application, the better chance you have of being assigned to the residence hall of your choice. You can (and should) do this once you are accepted, even if you are not completely sure whether you will be enrolling at NC State. You will still have until May 1, 2014 to confirm your enrollment by paying the $200 non-refundable enrollment deposit. If accepted after May 1, you have 10 days after you have received your decision to confirm your enrollment.  Once you confirm, you need to send final official transcripts from all schools that you have attended to our office by June 1st.  

-Wolfpack Reps


If your wolfPAW account states “Deny,” this means you will not be able to enroll at NC State University for the Fall of 2014, nor can you apply for a different major at this time. HOWEVER, this does not mean that you will never be able to attend, just that you have the another opportunity to continue college level coursework elsewhere and work towards meeting coursework and GPA deficiencies for a later term of entry.

You can reference your decision letter for reasons of denial. If there is any confusion we ask that you contact us directly.

Remember to check our transfer requirements as they are specific to every program. Additional information can also be found on our admissions website. We wish you the best of luck and hope that you will continue all of the hard work. Go Pack!

-Wolfpack Reps



If your wolfPAW account states that your application is “Pending” this means that you may benefit from the opportunity to provide improved or completed academic credentials before a decision is made during final review in June.

For the final review of your application, we will need to receive all final official transcripts by June 1 including grades for completed spring coursework. You will then receive a final decision by June 15. You can mail or hand deliver final documents to our office.

Because pending decisions vary based on the individual student’s need, we urge applicants to explore our Transfer Center which provides transfer counselors who work exclusively with transfer students.

-Wolfpack Reps




When our first round of transfer admission decisions are released, you may receive one of three decisions: accept, deny or pending. All decisions will be posted on your wolfPAW account at, so be sure to log-in to your account and click on the letter listed beside your decision.

This year we expect to enroll 1,300 transfer students in the incoming class and we have received over 3,900 applications. Unfortunately, each year we are unable to offer admission to all of the well-qualified students who apply to NC State because we can not accommodate everyone in our classes and residence halls.

For those who are admitted, please keep in mind that the national confirmation deadline is May 1.  If accepted you must mail in your $200 non-refundable enrollment deposit by that date to confirm that you are attending NC State for Fall 2014. If accepted after May 1st, you have 10 days after you have received your decision to confirm your enrollment.

-Wolfpack Reps


The new ACC Wednesday

With the expansion of the ACC into a 15 team conference, this meant the addition of an extra day of the ACC tournament. The new ACC Wednesday games were created in order to build some excitement around the tournament and perhaps to attract a few folks to the event. I mean, how many people really want to go see the bottom six teams of the tournament duke it out? The answer to that is not very many. I lucked out, the mother of an old friend of mine called me earlier that week and offered me two free tickets to all three Wednesday games. This was during spring break so I jumped on it right away.

What the ACC offered for the first day of the new format was three games and a concert from a fellow NC State student, Mr. Scotty McCreery. So we got to watch Wake Forest versus Notre Dame, in which a dominating performance was submitted by the Demon Deacons. Notre Dame did not look like they knew where they were or that it was the ACC tournament. Welcome to Greensboro, Fighting Irish.

The next game of the day featured the Miami Hurricanes and the Virginia Tech Hokies. Virginia Tech won two ACC games this year, and both came against Miami. So needless to say, the excitement in the building was, uh… limited. Virginia Tech gave a strong effort, but in the end Jim Larranaga and Miami knew how to end the game with a win.

Between the second and third games the ACC hired current NC State student and American Idol winner Scotty McCreery to give a concert to the opening day crowd! It was a nice concert, but Scotty’s music only does so much for me. The best part of the concert was that he didn’t wear any NC State gear, because it allowed me to win a free hotdog from my buddy after he lost a bet about what Scotty would wear.

The final game of the evening featured Georgia Tech and Boston College, and it was terrible. We left early from the tournament to get back to Raleigh, and when we left the game with four minutes left in the first half the score was 17 - 11. Eventually Ga Tech took BC to overtime and won, but I am honestly surprised that either team scored 70 points even with extra time.

This was my first ACC tournament appearance and it sure was fun! Maybe I’ll get lucky and will get to watch NC State in the championship game next year. Go Pack!